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For sale several (Dutch)  spinning wheels

Beautiful decorative Oak spinning wheel in working condition. No extra spools. Asking $250

North Carolina

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for sale

For personal studio or show display.
Two display clothes racks. 3 straight and one angle brackets. $25 for both or $15 each. 
10 hangers for jackets, dresses and 12 pant hangers. All hangers have rubber type stuff on them so clothes will not slide off. $5 for all.
Cathy Langdon

Old Oak spinning wheel with winder and extra spools, in working condition. Asking $250


AVL Compu Dobby 2 loom, 48” weaving width, Advance Cloth System
10-dent reed, Rubber covering on front beam
Supplementary Warp Beam as well as standard back beam
AVL Warp Wheel for supplementary beam
Original owner: Sadie Tune Wilson, Nashville, TN
Cost: $6500.00
Contact: Paula Bowers Hotvedt


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Beautiful ornate Oak spinning wheel with winder and extra spools in working condition. Asking $250


*14 DVD's featuring all issues of Handwoven Magazine 1997-2011  $75.00
*8 cone stand for warping, homemade   $50.00
contact Gail Griffith at

OR SALE:  LeClerc Colonial 45" eight-harness floor loom.  Canadian maple frame with ten treadles & roughly 2000 steel heddles.  This is a convertible counter-balance/jack-type loom and the beater can be set to overhead or from the floor.  The warp beam in the back can be folded up and latched onto the loom castle for transportation (or when the loom isn't in use).  There is room to add four more harnesses, a second back beam, a computer dobby system, or other options if desired. Other weaving equipment (reeds, shuttles, bobbins, ball winder, weaving books, etc.) included. $800 cash/local pick-up only. Perri Morgan, Raleigh, NC,

For more information: Ineke Cantor
Member of Tryon Arts & Crafts Center
I have more wheels if you are interested.


Looms For Sale – I'm Downsizing!

TC-1 Jacquard Loom
•Purchased in 2000
•4 modules (880 heddles)
•Can be configured to weave at 28” wide at 30 epi or 14” wide at 60 epi
•Plain warp beam with sectional beam modification
(can easily be switched back to plain beam)
•15-dent reed
•Includes cabinet with vacuum pump
•Includes air compressor
•Includes spare heddles and spare valves
•Is in excellent condition: all 880 heddles in work!
•Buyer must pick up in Greenville SC or arrange for packing & shipping.
•$15,000 OBO

Louet Octado with Electronic Dobby Head
•28” weaving width, 8 shaft dobby loom
•Includes bench, lease sticks, and 10 & 12-dent reeds
•In excellent condition, purchased in 2006
•Asking $5,000. Buyer must pick up in Greenville SC or arrange for packing & shipping.
Contact Alice Schlein

For Sale
Homestead Quilting Hoop  - Model HH 29" 
Collapsible Frame - Currently disassembled but easy to put back together. Manual included. Purchased 7 years ago from a friend who used it once. I have never used it. 
Asking $75. On Ebay listed for $150! 

Can bring to WNCFG meetings or make other arrangements but buyer would have to pay shipping.
Contact Suzanne McDowell

Western North Carolina Fiber/Handweavers Guild