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Western North Carolina Fibers/Handweavers Guild

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Upcoming events

    • 10 Feb 2024
    • 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
    • Historic Johnson Farm, Hendersonville NC

    Winter Project Show & Tell


    Potluck Luncheon

    • 8 Mar 2024
    • 10 Mar 2024
    • 3 sessions
    • Where: Interpretive Center, Historic Johnson Farm
    • 16

    Sashiko-ori Workshop

    3 day workshop with Beth Ross Johnson

    Sashiko-ori or Woven Sashiko challenges weavers to think about design in a different way as they learn to control the intersections of pattern threads in the warp and weft.

    Although identified technically as a supplementary warp and weft technique, my investigations of this weave structure were inspired by the exploration of hitomezashi sashiko, a Japanese folk stitching method in which the embroidery threads intersect at right angles to produce beautiful stitched patterns that reinforce, repair or decorate cloth.  These lines can be woven into a cloth in the warp or weft and the perpendicular or diagonal lines can be stitched in after the cloth is woven.  Another option is to weave both lines in using minimum of six harnesses.

    With warps supplied by the instructor, students will learn to design and weave these patterns and learn ways to stitch patterns into the cloth which they can take home to work on. The workbook will give students some additional avenues to explore. If any students have done a workshop with me before I can direct them to a more complicated structure, but would like to know ahead of time.

    Instructor will provide: warps ($45 materials fee per student), weft thread, handouts, stitching material

    Participants will provide: Loom you are familiar with at least six shafts, two shuttles, with bobbins, threading tools, graph paper.

    If you have them: iPhone, iPad or laptop, raddle (we can share), bobbin winder to fit your bobbins (we can share)

    Cost will be between $100 and $200 plus the materials fee.

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    • 22 Jun 2024
    • 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
    • Where: Interpretive Center, Historic Johnson Farm
    • 16

    Mastering Mosaic Knitting

    1 day workshop with Charles Gandy

     Mosaic knitting is an easy and fascinating way to do two-color work without stranding. In this fun filled workshop we will learn how to read mosaic charts and make them come to life. We will discuss when to slip and when to knit or purl. If you like simple work that looks complicated but is so much fun to work, than this is the class for you.

    Cost TBD; between $110 and $166.

    Please bring the following:

    • At least 50 yards neutral WORSTED weight yarn.  (white!?)
    • At least 50 yards of a HIGHLY contrasting color yarn   (black!?)
    • Appropriate Needles :  Size 6, 7, or 8  
    • Tapestry needle
    • Scissors
    • Tape measure
    • Row counter
    • Stitch markers
    • Notebook
    We will use the suggested supplies to make small swatches and study the technique.  IF folks would like to begin the scarf they should bring two skeins of highly contrasting colors. Charles used a nice Alpaca blend to make the sample in the photo.

    • 1 Nov 2024
    • 3 Nov 2024
    • 3 sessions
    • Where: Interpretive Center, Historic Johnson Farm
    • 20

    Crimp and Create

    3-day workshop with Diane Totten

     This is an on-loom workshop taking fiber in a new direction by creating “crimp cloth.”  Learn to create fabric with permanently crimped designs that hold their memory even when washed. Apply this stashing and learn the -busting technique to any threadthought process that will lead to endless possibilities for creating magic cloth. Participants will draft, weave, and crimp their samples in class.  Learn how the fabric can be used for one-size-fits-all garments that flatter any figure, scarves and shawls that won’t slide off your shoulders, and knit-look ribbing for a sweater or jacket collar.  Garment design and sewing tips are included. Advanced beginner and beyond.


    About Dianne Totten: One-of-a-kind handwoven garments have been Dianne Totten’s main focus with emphasis on garments using “crimp cloth,” a technique she developed and teaches nationally/internationally for guilds and conferences. Dianne has been a weaver and workshop junkie for over 40 years and a teacher for twenty-five. Her award-winning work has appeared nationally and internationally. She teaches at John C. Campbell Folk School in NC and for guilds and regional conferences in the US and Canada, and at Convergence. She has two crimp cloth DVD’s available and has been published in SS& D, Handwoven, Weavers, Complex Weavers Journal, and Vävmagasinet, as well as Catherine Ellis’ book, Woven Shibori, Revised and Updated, IP, 2016.

Past events

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9 Oct 2021 Nanette Davidson, Production Weaver & Instructor
11 Sep 2021 Eileen Hallman, Weaver, Spinner & Dyer of Cotton with Colors of Indigo
14 Aug 2021 ‘Let’s Get Together” Luncheon
10 Jul 2021 Tien Chiu, Expert Weaver and Color Ninja
12 Jun 2021 Wilma Malcolmson, Shetland Designer
8 May 2021 Celeste Chalasani, the Embroiderer's Guild of America's Director of Education
10 Apr 2021 Linda Cortright, Editor & Publisher, Wild Fibers Magazine
13 Mar 2021 Rabbit Goody, Owner, Designer, and Master Weaver of Thistle Hill Weavers
6 Jun 2020 Blue Ridge Fiber Show Call for Entries
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1 Sep 2019 Spinning/Weaving at Hickory Nut Gap Farm
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11 May 2019 Fiber Day at the Folk Arts Center
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9 Mar 2019 Monthly Guild Meeting
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